One of the guiding principles of the North American Competitive Beard and Moustache Alliance is to donate profits from competitions to charities. 100% of the proceeds raised from the GABMC are donated to them. The recipient charities for this competition are two excellent organizations - both local to the host club.  We encourage you to visit their sites to learn more about their missions and the great work they do.  
Detroit Animal Welfare Group
The Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) consists of 100 wonderful volunteers who are dedicated to help all animals in need. Although based in Romeo, Michigan we reach out to communities like Detroit to help neglected, sick, and homeless animals.  We have a beautiful 25 acre farm with a dog kennel, heated barn for farm animals and many enclosures for wildlife rehabilitation.
DAWG has rescued over 3000 animals and continues to build/receive enclosures for wildlife to expand their rescue efforts. The DAWG farm is a USDA licensed facility and is the only state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center in their county. The USDA license allows DAWG to use its animals for educational purposes with kids, groups and schools. LaBonty and the rest of the DAWG team recently received an award from the governor and senator for their outstanding work in the community. With over 100 volunteers and support from organizations like Mercedes-Benz, Comcast, Bank of America, Chemical Bank and Ace Hardware, DAWG continues to grow and improve the life of homeless animals.
Six Feet Over
The mission is to provide financial and emotional support for survivors of suicide loss and individuals with lived experience of suicide, while engaging in community prevention through mental health education and advocacy to support healthier futures.
We are passionate about our goals and our mission, and this is why we minimize overhead to just enough to sustain our daily operations. While we fundraise and accept donations for a variety of uses, all of which are dedicated to our mission, we allocate the vast majority of funds raised for direct financial assistance for survivors of suicide loss, helping defray and alleviate the unexpected cost burdens associated with their loss.
To accomplish our goals, we fundraise through participation in many community events, including festivals, concerts, fundraisers, memorials, and remembrances, as well as providing event sponsorships and speakers when such events align with our mission.
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