First formed in October of 2011, the North American Competitive Beard and Moustache Alliance (NACBMA, a.k.a. "The Alliance") is a loose confederation of clubs to help grow and promote a common idea of beard and moustache competitions, and help coordinate and schedule events throughout North America.
Together we make a renewed effort to:

Help create a uniform framework for a North American biennial championship, defining judging, scoring, and categories.
Coordinate with other clubs to prevent overlapping events in the same regions, and to help publicize events both before and after.
Offer no cash prize awards at competitions, and the clubs are strongly encouraged to donate profits to charity.
Encourage and assist North American clubs to meet the NACBMA full membership guidelines and join the World Beard & Moustache Association (WBMA) if desired.
Support and demonstrate the international principles of friendship and honor.
The Great American Beard & Moustache Championship is our North American biennial charity facial hair contest which alternates in even-numbered years with the WBMA's World Championship, held in odd-numbered years. The host of the each next GABMC is voted upon by the Alliance member clubs among bids submitted by those member clubs the Sunday following the event. 
Our 2018 event was held in Richmond, Virginia and hosted by the RVA Beard League and raised $25,220 for local and national charities. The 2016 GABMC was held in Denver, Colorado and hosted by the Boulder Facial Hair Club & the Rocky Mountain Beard and Moustache Club, which raised $16,000 for local and national non-profits.
Murder City Facial Hair Crew
The Murder City Facial Hair Crew is all about competitive bearding and giving back to the community. If you like helping the less fortunate, if you like facial hair, come party with us!
We are a traveling competitive facial hair team based out of Detroit, MI and the surrounding communities. We also focus on local community service, whether it’s a community clean up, feeding the hungry, or volunteering at an animal rescue.
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