A partial beard is any facial hair that is neither a full beard nor a moustache.
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Goatee as it grows naturally, the more natural the better. Moustache not required. Goatee and moustache can be accentuated but without styling aids. No curled moustaches.
There must be a clean shaven section at least 1.5" (4 cm, the width of a razor blade) between the onset of the head hair and the beard.
No styling aids allowed.
Hair on the cheeks and upper lip. There must be clean shaven spaces of at least 1.5" wide (4 cm, the width of a razor blade) on the chin and between the facial hair and the onset of the head hair. The whiskers are styled upwards. No closed curls. The hairs on the upper lip may not be separated from the hairs on the cheeks. The beard may not rise above the level of the eyes.
Styling aids allowed.
Traditional Alaskan seafarer’s beard. Bushy hair grown on cheeks, chin, and lower lip. No hair grown on upper lip.
No styling aids allowed.
Must be a true sideburn. No natural or shaven gap by the ear. Chin is shaven at least 1.5" (4 cm, the width of a razor blade) and hair is optional on the upper lip. 
The moustache may or may not be connected, also known as the “friendly or unfriendly” chops.
No styling aids allowed.
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